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            Talent Concept

               After a decade of ups and downs, after all the world's a constant struggle perseverance, Tsuneyo company from scratch, from small to large, has become China's food phosphate industry with strong competitiveness of enterprises. Thanks for the industry in this faithful over the years Tsuneyo help and support, constant world and your cooperation is honest and firm.
            Sincerely hope that the mutually beneficial cooperation with all friends together to create value and share the joy of success.


            attitude determines everything; details makes success;
            People-oriented, respect for knowledge and personality;
            CD performance, not only academic, not seniority, not just a past credit;
            Provide adequate resources to enable all employees according to the most suitable direction;
            Encourage innovation, promote "performance." Sound system, standardized by the person responsible for the progress to be responsible for something;
            Encouraging "pondering things," against "people wondering" will never allow any form of "office politics."