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            In recent years, environmental protection has become a issue that is closely related to everyone on Chinese soil. From the oath in 2015 the government work report "to firmly declares war on pollution like declared war on poverty", to the programme of action in 2015 the government work report "environment pollution is of people's livelihood, and the pain, to iron-handed governance", environmental protection has once again become the two sessions "forte".

            The year 2015 is the final year of a comprehensive "twelfth five-year" planning environmental protection target task. In the economic development pay attention to quality, and the efficiency of the new normal, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the overall deployment of this year's work, to complete good energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental governance. A total of 697 words when it comes to environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, involved in pollution control, environmental law enforcement, environmental tax legislation, ecological protection, industrial development, and many other aspects.

            Chairman Xi Jinping pointed out that we must correctly handle the relationship between the economic development with ecological environment protection and firmly protect the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment.

            Prime minister Li Keqiang at the 12th National People's Congress four conference made the government work report, with a bigger space to put forward new requirements for green development and environmental protection work. NPC representatives and CPPCC members in review and discuss the government work report, to make recommendations about this topic.