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            Public Action

            Informed by Environmental protection department to the press medium that the topic of 2016-Enviromental-day should be “Improve environmental quality & Promote green development”, being aim at mobilization leadership of all sectors of society to focus on practice of principle about “Green development & Harmonious coexistence between human and nature”, to start with little things around, to commonly perform environmental responsibilities, to care and protect environment quality, and to jointly build up the beautiful country.

            The main consideration about this outlined topic should be: to show forth the firm determination of the Central State Department in improvement of environmental quality & pushing forward with green development, to strongly coordinate with the overall scheme of environmental protection work in 13th five year taking improved better environmental quality as central core, to prominently increase the supervision of law enforcement in environment protection, to adopt the solid strong measures in solution for outstanding environmental problems and push with the central environmental protection work through which the green development has made brand new breaking through, to positively respond to the concerned expectation about environmental protection issues from the masses of people and increase the confidence about better improved environment quality from the whole society, to release & deliver the information about improved better environmental quality / jointly building up of beautiful China by everyone sharing & everyone responsible ideas, to motivate the persisted environmental enthusiasm of the whole society and initiate the whole society to work and pull together going hand in hand, to actively participate in the action of upgrading environmental quality and fighting a tough battle of correction for short board in ecological environmental protection, and finally to echo the theme of the world from view of active participation in ecological environmental system. According to the understanding, the theme of world environment day in this year is identified as “Combating illegal wildlife trade” by United Nations Environment Programme, taking slogan as “crying out for life”. 

            During the period of environmental protection, the Environmental protection department would hold a series of promotional activities according to convention, push off a series of “public service advertising & propaganda posters “ in planed making about topic of world environmental day & Ecological civilization construction, and hold a series of propaganda activities under topic of theme of world environmental day. All parts of regions would also carry out a variety of rich & colorful promotional activities under topic of world environmental day & combination of practice, in order to get extensive aggregation of broad social consensus and create a good atmosphere for joint participation of the whole society towards “ecological civilization construction & upgrading of environmental quality & promotion of green development”.