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            About us

            The Hens company was founded in 2004, is located in the convenient transportation, beautiful scenery of the ancient city Xuzhou, province Jiangsu in China. The company is a science and technology enterprise specializing in the production and operation of phosphate products, food additives and ingredients of product development, the research and management.

            Xuzhou Hens Phosphate Co., Ltd focus on research, development and operation of the phosphate products; adhering phosphates years of research and development, production and application of experience and dedication to providing quality products, in line with the principle of “faithful scientific and technological excellence”。 Now has hundreds of food grade the phosphate monomer (sodium salt, potassium, calcium), compound phosphate and phosphate specialty products, now is the production line annual capacity of 50,000 tons; and according to the customer demand for the development, provide perfect phosphate special products category. Product marketing network throughout the country and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, is one of the production enterprise with complete variety of domestic phosphate industry.

            Xuzhou Hens Food Co., Ltd. is committed to the broad prospects of food additives and raw ingredients industry, rooted in the food industry, integrated food chain technology to serve the public in order to develop a healthy diet for the purpose of continuing to enrich the product system, enhanced service capabilities. We believe that food additives and raw ingredients industry is not only providing products, the more important is the one-stop information and technology services, we have always adhered to the “integrity-based, service-first” business philosophy, to maintain close contact with our customers, and strive to provide the best processing procedures and technical consultations and good after-sales service, and try to meet customer needs.

            “Food is the paramount necessity of people and food safety is the top priority. Safty quality-oriented, quality of honesty as root ”,The company has perfect management system, has received the international certificates ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005, HALAL, KOSHER. The quality of the products in the domestic and international is in the front line in the industry. It is proposed as standing director of food production security association of Jiangsu Province, vice president of food additives and ingredients association of Jiangsu Province.We will be in strict accordance with the system requirements for process control and quality management to meet national food safety standards required to provide customers with assured phosphate, food additives and raw ingredients, make customers worry-free.

            Facing the future, the Hens company will continue to “professional integrity, business guide tree hundred years of constant”, according to a resource-saving, environment-friendly, sustainable and harmonious development, and strive to create a comprehensive food industry chain service provider!