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            Staff Style

            The quality of conscience needs serious spirit

            發布時間:2016-01-12 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            Unqualified raw and auxiliary materials enter the factory is not allowed.

            Unqualified semi-finished products enter the next process is not allowed.

            Unqualified products leave factory is not allowed.

            Our work philosophy is based on prevention, adhere to the "first is doing things right" attitude, make quality become a way of life.

            --Zero defect quality management master Philip Crosby

            They are microscope, don't pass any details; They are also a sensitive scale balance, in the process of quality inspection with fairness, justice and openness, based on fact, decision on data; They are also a magnifying glass, and always carry out the principle of "quality first", all around the quality requirements, to enlarge their own responsibility again and again.

            Yes, they are inspectors. The eyes of the enterprise, the guardian of the quality.

            Benjamin Franklin has a very famous poem-《the nail and the king》:“Lost a nail, a shoe is broken; Has gone bad horse shoe, has folded a warhorse; For want of a horse, the rider was lost; Hurt a knight, lost a battle; Has lost a fight, has perished an empire.”

            A tiny nail destroyed a kingdom, it serves to show the importance of details.

            For an enterprise, it is the same.

            In Hens company, the quality of conscience is not just a slogan, but the real action to every employee, throughout every detail. From purchasing of raw and auxiliary materials, production and processing of products to departure of finished products, each production process kept improving, each link checked at each level, no room for any negligence.

            It is this group of employees like taking things seriously, with this serious spirit, the Hens products have won a good reputation.