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            Staff Style

            Being a person make colleagues happy

            發布時間:2015-09-10 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            A third of every day, or for a longer time to work with you, is our colleague. Since we come to Hens company, we are required by the development of the company, we have same pursue and the desire to advance.

            Everyone has different personality, language has different features. But anyway, it doesn't influence our seriously work attitude, also does not affect our loyalty and respect for the leadership of the company. Everyone's heart will have a standard, will have desire that  rely on to warm if face the cold. So we should learn to be honest, sincere and enthusiasm. In this warm family, feeling concern and care comes from the leadership and at the same time, efforts to make our colleagues happy. In the process of happiness, each other's work efficiency will be higher. So we have no qualification to be with a straight face when work, also don't have to see our colleagues make a fool of themselves in our work. When we look at the others such way you can imagine yourself hurry-scurry, others may like you. Only cooperate well with our colleagues can we complete our own work and sector work.

            In the company, we're just a node of the groups. The longitudinal is superior and subordinate, the lateral are colleagues. Our role is the role of a valve, our duty is to make the work circulation flow, whether managers or ordinary employees. With a calm heart to treat every person, whether superior and subordinate or colleagues, let the people around us happy. Let others work more satisfactory, more efficient, so we are a popular person, our work will be therefore more efficient.