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            Staff Style

            The growth of happiness

            發布時間:2015-06-02 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            Inadvertently, has grown for nearly three years with our company.I sincerely feel proud as a member of the company. Hens company growth is also my growth. In a joint effort, we have completed the turning point in our lives, is no longer “Young has no failure endorsement”. From one to the work full of fantasy ignorant little girl to a mature workers. From now on I will be able to reason, proud to stand on my own stage, calmly face the work and life, face my own life.

            The entrepreneurial journey is hard, but we have the unyielding spirit and unremitting efforts, makes the full of bumpy journey no longer distant and long. Success is everyone longing, because we have a heart of unity, because our hands clasped hands, so we realized that joy. In this three years, I witness the process of Hens company, from big to strong, verification of the company growth is one step a footprint, with fast speed towards the goal. The company constantly move forward, I also in the training. Thanks to our company, cultivated me, exercised me, gave me a career platform to explore my value.

              Three years is the blink, but for Hens company the take-off is thousands of miles a day. More than twenty years old of age, three years of time should be the most important time. In this three years, I learned a lot of knowledge that books could not give. Radiates from the leader's personality charm and comprehensive ability are my role model in the future work and learning models. Three years of work practice, also let me deeply understand the enterprise of each job is important. It is like a machine in which each screw, only tighten each screw, this machine can be stable and fast operation. So at any time, efforts to do a good job, is the first important thing. It reminds me of a famous saying:“No short step, no long distance; No small streams, no estuary sea.” In this three years in Hens company, I don't regret.

              I believe that the company will become the leader of the industry because of our efforts, and we will also go further accompanied by the company !