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            Staff Style

            Ten years ago after ten years

            發布時間:2014-09-10 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            “Book of changes” said: “the dragon in the abyss”, means a gentleman when moving, must be able to protect themselves, not to act rashly and blindly. A gentleman to bear in the abyss, is a warrior should take the initiative. As the saying goes: “ten years grinding sword, once the National Cheng Kung university”

            Ten years ago, we are unknown, unknown to the public.

            Ten years later, our rapid development, leading in the peer.

            Ten years ago, our premises crude, simple equipment.

            Ten years later, we plant modernization, complete equipment, first-class technology.

            Ten years ago, we have a few people, hard work, carve out

            Ten years later, we a galaxy of talents, reform and innovation, create brilliant

            Ten years ago, we rely on the quality of survival, rely on the credibility of the world.

            Ten years later, we still rely on the quality and development, rely on credit to enter new areas.

            The Hens had just passed ten years, in owns prime, very promising. It is ten years to tested, carved; to gain experience, harvest effectiveness; to enterprising, toward the brilliant.

            Ten years of achievement has become a solidification of the history, the brilliant future but we created by our hands. Over the past ten years unforgettable and wonderful, the future will face more surprises and challenges. We must seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, promote the reform and development of the Hens company with a high sense of mission and sense of responsibility.

            The next ten years, is time the Hens company to save energy, the next ten years, is the “hidden” ready to soar ten years.