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            Staff Style

            I am a happy analyst

            發布時間:2013-06-04 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            Said the analyst is a girl looking for jobs. Clean, easy, no responsibility, but I don‘t think so, because I am a food industry analyst, my work directly related to the quality of food safety issues, so I have a big responsibility. I’m not because the responsibility and heavy-hearted, because I am a happy analyst.

            In the early morning, the rising sun light walked into the laboratory with light footsteps, I wear the neat white coats, began a day of intense and busy work. The sample chamber, we find the sample; on the operating table, we played with all kinds of instruments, reagents, glassware, serious operation with each step program; before the computer, we carefully check of a group of data, fill out a report, I was a happy analyst.

            Laboratory work can be said to be a trivial and glorious work. It is trivial, because we do not have any heroic utterance and the startled day albert. It is glorious, laboratory work is called the inspection of products “eyes”, is a very important work, it provides a large number of scientific, accurate data for production and sales. When get the first hand data, when to finish an accurate analysis report, we all feel very happy! Fell in shoulder heavy burden at the same time, the heart arise spontaneously infinite glory!

            Testing is a tedious and complicated work, sometimes almost boring. Sometimes, we upset for a result of the difference and chagrin; ever have to equipment of certain component damage and depressed, and we often with sulfuric acid and other toxic and harmful chemicals “intimate contact”, a little inattentive will be hurt. So in the work I remember “safety first”, strictly according to the rules of operation for the detection of detection, the work day in and day out, month in January, repeating the procedure and steps of yesterday, I am not quite boring, opposite , from the groups of data in reports, taste pleasure of “work is beautiful”, because I am a happy analyst.