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            Staff Style

            Work with love, with love life

            發布時間:2013-04-09 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            I just came to the Hens Company, an unfamiliar environment and colleagues at some does not adapt. However, after several months of live, see all of the nice and warm, like a big family, I soon into the atmosphere of joy.

            Just out of the campus I, no work experience, are working from an ignorance of students to grow up as a qualified staff. At the beginning of also don‘t know how to face this work that he belongs to, but in the leadership and the help of my colleagues, I quickly completed the conversion from students to the employee’s role. No matter in life or work colleagues gave me great help and care. After this period of training and teacher‘s guidance, I slowly into the formal. Now I’m still learning phase, “the three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher”, every colleague in the company are all my teachers, they have the rich work experience and earnest attitude to work, is a learning example for me.

            A philosopher once said: life is meaningless, unless there is work; all the work is hard, unless there is knowledge; all knowledge is empty, unless there is desire; all desire is blind, unless there is love. Love is the life, busy and fulfilling work, let me understand that this is the true meaning of life. I love my job, I love the enterprise, it is a complete home, although different, but we for our company‘s development and the efforts of the purpose is the same, it is the division of labor is not separation. The development of the company depends on everybody, I will give all their energy to do my job. Hope in the future work can make greater progress. Let us cherish a heart that loves is happy in your work!