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            Staff Style

            Labor is the most glorious

            發布時間:2013-03-04 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            Remember in the primary school, the teacher taught us to sing “labor the most glorious” this song. When I was young, only a simple understanding of the work into the fields, or the working class once a week.

            In the junior high school, the “Yang Shuo” litchi honey, so I have a deeper understanding of labor. Know the labor people countless hardworking in unknown to the public in real life. Although they are not with vigour and vitality of the feat, no life status, but to create an immeasurable value.

            With the steps of time, we slowly in the long years of experience growth. Years later, I became a member of thousands on thousands of laborers, deeply appreciate life more flavor, the difficult labor. Labor is the sweat, laughter; is bitter, sweet is given, is happiness. “A hard, a harvest,” is the best portrayal of labor. You pay how much sweat and toil in the life, and life will return you how many fruit, you will have a happy you much happiness and. The same is true for enterprises. As a member of the constant world, I feel more deeply to the point.

            I am a year to a new level in the past two years work workshop. Achievements and new look today, is each of the leadership, staff with the sweat of the cast. I remember in the hot days, the workshop steam steaming, the sweat runs down like raindrops. People, but each operator still adhere to the post on their own busy at work; workers in order to adjust the process parameters and kept running; laboratory personnel in the shortest time to accurate feedback to the operator and hard. A. The roar of the machine, to convey the electric bell, shouting all blend into one harmonious whole. The task, make a busy and cheerful production. Every operator must do 5S work, at the same time three check: check fault, check problem, find loopholes, and do the record of operation. Will inevitably encounter this or that problem in the production process, we can give you the wisdom of perfect quality and quantity to complete every task.

            In the production of this big family, everyone works in silence. Although the road ahead is full of thorns and rough, as long as we are the joint efforts of all staff, will usher in a constant world more brilliant tomorrow.