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            Company News

            HENS is the Vice-director Unit of Jiangsu Food Additive and Ingredients Association

            發布時間:2014-09-22 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


                Jiangsu Food Additive and Ingredients Association, has the purpose of providing the service for food additives and ingredients industry in Jiangsu, aims for accelerating the healthy development of industry, gives full play to the bridge and link function between government and industry, reflects the industry demands, being a good government adviser, maintains the legitimate rights and interests, wholeheartedly services for the industry, meets the needs of market economy, promotes the industry production, circulation, application, management and scientific research level and expands international exchanges, makes contributions to promote the development of food industry and improve the quality of life of people.

                The chairman of the association Chen Qiuqiang and the deputy secretary general Xue Xiaohong came to our company for professional research on Sep. 20th, 2014. Our president Li Suwei introduced the production and operation and the development program of our enterprise. They also exchanged deeply in product standards encountered in the production and operation. At last the leader of the association gave our work full affirmation and high evaluation.


                Through chairman of association office meeting considered and decided, admitted we join the association and authorised we as the Vice-director Unit. The authorization is full affirmation about our work in the past by the association. We will continue to work hard in the future, provide consumers with higher quality products and services under the unified leadership of the association.