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            Company News

            HENS is listed as one of the electronic traceability system pilot enterprises

            發布時間:2014-09-19 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


                Jingsu Food and Drug Administration vigorously promotes electronic traceability system construction work of dairy products, white spirit and food additives production enterprises that were listed in《Provincial committee work points in 2014》, 《Provincial government top ten key work in 2014 》.

                In order to promote the construction of electronic traceability system, Bureau of Jiangsu province demanded the 13 regulation departments of the provincial-level recommended three types enterprises as pilot demonstration enterprise, which were had a certain scale of production, had a certain information work base and without major product quality and safety accidents occurred within three years.

                Our enterprise was honor to become one of the pilot demonstration enterprises. After study hard 《Jiangsu food production enterprise electronic traceability system trace code coding and enterprise packing line modification scheme》, we strictly in accordance with its request and standard to make the compilation of code of every link of all products, for the realization of the traceability to lay a solid foundation.

                Through the efforts of four months, our enterprise had realized from raw materials get into the factory to the finished product sales outbound, the whole production process of real-time data acquisition, tracking and monitoring. Electronic traceability system had realized the three platforms of traceability. The first is the common platform of the enterprise, to facilitate internal query trace. The second is the government's regulatory platform, to facilitate regulatory query trace. The third is the public query platform, convenient for consumers to query information about the product. In the past our enterprise implemented  ISO9000 and ISO22000 quality management system, within the enterprise itself had the product traceability system, through the electronic traceability system made the enterprise to achieve the goal of paperless, improved the efficiency greatly, meantime it would be able to quickly trace when there was product quality problem, it made better product quality control and the realization of consumer and social effective supervision, promoted the corporate image as well.