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            Company News

            HENS is the Standing Director Member of Jiangsu Association for Food Production Safety

            發布時間:2014-07-21 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


            The Food Production Security Association of Jiangsu Province authorized by Department of Civil Affairs, established in July, 2014. The competent business unit is Food and Drug Administration. The association was sponsored by the large food production and processing enterprises such as Nanjing Yurun Food Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery, Nanjing Weigang Dairy Co.,Ltd, Food Production Supervision Department of Food and Drug Administration of Jiangsu, Institute of Food and Light Industry of Nanjing Tech University, The Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Institute of Jiangsu, also consist of enterprises and institutions that engaged in food production, operation, scientific research and management, social organization and individual. The association is food production and processing industry association with independent corporate capacity.

            Our company is recommended as the standing director member of the association. Through exchange and cooperate about food production security technology with universities, large-scale food enterprises, sanitary supervision and inspection institution and relevant industry, the enterprise's food production safety awareness is enhanced, the enterprise's food safety production technology and  management level is improved, food safety credit of enterprise in the consumers' mind is ensured.