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            Industry News

            State food and drug administration hastens up composition of enforcement regulation & supporting

            發布時間:2016-06-03 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


                Not long ago the relevant leadership of “State food and drug administration” indicates that the “Food safety strategy” should be comprehensively implemented against the strictest standard & strictest supervision & most crucial punishment & most serious accountability, meantime hastens up composition of enforcement regulation & supporting regulation for the New food safety law and perfects the related assorted legal system of food safety.

                Currently the food-safety & ensuring food safety has increasingly become the challenge faced with by every country in the world, challenge & pressure of which is even severer especially for leading country such as China with both big output & consumption qty of foodstuff

                First of all, it should be from the tremendous pressure of safety for the quantity of foodstuff output. There is 13 hundred million population in China, and itself is the big challenge to guarantee the basic self-sufficiency of foodstuff for large population with the limited arable land, which is also the primary task not a bit be belittled by the Chinese government.

                Secondly, it should be caused by the challenge from existing historical development stage of China. There is large scale of food-industry in China but with low intensive degree and outstanding problems such as big quantity & small scale & scattered disorderly condition. And so it would also be big challenge to achieve supervision of full coverage in correct mode.

                Thirdly, it should be from challenge of Industrialization and Globalization. The Industrialization makes our life be much more richer and colorful, but meantime also brings about the risk of food safety caused by environmental pollution.

                In all the past years the Chinese government has been fully pushing with revolution of Food safety supervision organization and improve and perfect the Safety system of food safety thoroughly from central government to basic level. The highly importance attached to the construction of modern food legal security system by Chinese government clearly proved by the double emendation of Food-safety-law.

                The relevant leadership of the central office expresses that the situation of Chinese food-safety should be steady for the better and the food safety of the masses could be effectively guaranteed. The Safety supervision department would perfectly effect the full requirement of food safety strategy against the strictest standard & strictest supervision & most crucial punishment & most serious accountability, trying for the basic realization of Governance system & Governance capability of modern food safety which is adapted to a moderately prosperous society, by the firm carrying out of the Plan in the 13th Five-year & big endeavor in the coming future.

                  Key point listed as following aspects would be implemented and carried out to strengthen policy and related measures.

                The first, reinforce the Standard-construction of food-safety. The standard is the basement of discussion about Food-safety problems, the deficiency of which would be the great hidden trouble in systematic risks. We would exploit the full advantage of supervision for front line of law enforcement, positively coordinate procedure of Standard-formulation with related governmental department, and hasten up pushing with detection of food-safety risks & evaluation / self-revision of standards, trying for the final establishment of supervision system of Food safety which is acting on international convention by the efforts in the 13th Five year plan.

                The second, strengthen the industrial base of Food-safety. It is the basement to guarantee the industrial quality of Food-safety, and so the mode of production should be changed in order to speed up the modernization drive of both Agricultural & Food industry, by fixing in advance of the good operation-specification in most enterprise and making a breakthrough in several aspects such as standardization & environmental protection & large scale & industrialization of the Production-management. It is important to support the establishment of HACCP-system & QS prosecution system in medium and large enterprises who should take the lead, trying for bringing along upgraded industry by efforts of Corporate-champion and promoting the level of insurance in food-safety by upgraded industries.

                The third, enhance the source control of Food-safety. The safeguard of foodstuff safety should be entered on preventive treatment of environmental-pollution, by cleaning up of industrial environment with full efforts & carrying out action on management of soil land / water source / agricultural chemicals / fertilizer / food additives etc & administration of biocide and agricultural chemicals & prevention and control of heavy metal pollution, in order to guarantee the quality safety of agricultural products & food supplies from source and actualize the reform from bottom.

                The fourth, reinforce the personnel construction of food safety in enterprises. Taking safeguard of food-safety as the obligatory responsibility, National food safety law has been implemented in the inner control system of enterprises since Oct.2015, by allocating the obligation of personnel in charge of food safety management, emphasis on taking the enterprise itself as theme, raising up the requirement for establishment of Food safety traceability system, clarifying the third party platform of food safety, gradation of the food stuff registered in website, management on health product & special supplies & infant food, and encouraging investment insurance of enterprises. Completely carrying out these obligations should be one necessary condition for guarantee of capacity safety for all the enterprises.

                The fifth, strengthen the law enforcement innovation on security control. The composition of enforcement regulation and related supporting regulations of the new food safety law should be swiftly hastened up, the improvement and perfection of the whole security legal system well assorted with food safety law should be accelerated, and meantime the law enforcement work of security control should also be fully driven on. Firstly, to implement the Food safety licensing system and admit the strict access only. Secondly, to take shape of the networking & tabular for inspection and  systematized casual inspection. The Market access mechanism & place of production for agricultural products should be perfected and improved, in order to actualize the seamless supervision of the whole process. Thirdly, to intensify the information public of supervision and law enforcement , timely make known to the public about the standard & procedure & result of the license inspection and enforcement, and continually carry over exposure intensity of off-test products & unqualified enterprises. It is the best protection of law enforcement & customers, the great fright of law breakers, and best restriction of law executors. Fourthly, to strengthen supervision and inspection , carry out the elimination of hidden danger for food safety, and encourage the food enterprises to create brands & expand the market by adoption of manufacturer’s standard which is more strict compared with National standard. Fifthly, to encourage multiple subjects actively takes part in the administration of food safety, support enterprises in effecting safety liability insurance, implement the award reporting system, zealously exert the social supervision system, and finally form the good situation of social co construction.