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            The food safety brings up information age

            發布時間:2016-03-15 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


                Released on January 27, 2016, the central document of "No.1" proposed, to implement the strategy of food safety, should speed up the sound from farmland to dining table of agricultural product quality and food safety regulatory system, establish full traceability, shared information platform of the Internet, to strengthen the construction of standard system, improve risk monitoring and evaluation and examination system.

                Food safety regulation, trace and detection is the most important three aspects of food safety information content. Compared to “Establish full traceability, shared information of the agricultural product quality and food safety information platform” proposed by document of "No.1" in 2015, this year they put forward higher requirements to the agricultural products and food safety supervision and inspection test, marking the informatization will become the solid foundation for food safety system construction. At the same time as in the service of the strong support of agricultural modernization, the window of the food safety information will usher in rapid development period.

                In fact, information asymmetry is the deep reason of food safety accidents cannot become extinct in China. To solve the problem of food safety, to eliminate asymmetric information first. Through perfect government information supervision system, building information integrated management platform and implement information to trace and early warning information, can ensure the quality of the food safety information, enhance information authority, to ensure each link of food safety industry chain the participants' right to know. Also can expedite information channels at the same time, strengthen information sharing and communication of all parties concerned, which can effectively solve the information asymmetry problems in food safety.

                In recent years, in view of the informatization construction of food safety policy gradually clear. <The 2015 food safety priority arrangement> proposed, to speed up the informatization construction pace and build a unified, efficient and, national food safety information resource sharing platform, Speed up the progress of food safety regulatory information engineering, early warning system for food safety risk assessment, important food safety traceability system and  The quality and safety of agricultural products traceability management information platform. <Food Safety Law> put forward on October, 1st, 2015, proposed stricter regulations on food safety regulation, and the whole chain traceability.

                The policy level in successive years overweight is expected to accelerate food safety information. Founder securities research institute according to the ministry of commerce of the dominant meat vegetables circulation tracing system calculates the 58 city pilot, food safety traceability system market space is expected to reach billions of level; China's government procurement network public information about food safety regulation such as information technology investment statistics show, the field market space will reach level of billions. Food safety testing include two kinds of service food safety detection and food safety testing equipment market space at around 40 billion.

                Food safety information will be the inevitable trend. As <Food Safety Law> effect, the government will drive the production and consumption more business model innovation. Comprehensive analysis ability of food security situational awareness, hazard identification, traceability, causes food association, etc is expected to be more development opportunities in the era of big data, further enhance the important role of food safety information in the food safety regulation, traceability and test mode.