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            Industry News

            The related work about making further efforts on enhancing tracking assessment of National food safe

            發布時間:2016-01-05 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


                Not long ago, the following requirements was put forward for doing good job on tracking assessment about National food safety standards, in order to carrying out Food safety law & the work plan of the State Council and establishing & executing the most rigorous standard.

                The first, to fully perform functions in accordance with the law, strengthen coordination, and doing good job

            on related work for tracking assessment of standards.

                Against the related requirements of Food safety law, each Provincial Health and family planning administrative department should publish the constituted & recorded national food safety standards & provincial standard & manufacturer's standard on website for convenient checking & downloading by the publics. The departments should also work together with provincial Food and Drug Administration & Quality Supervision Bureau & Agriculture / Industry / Information technology / Food sector Department etc and carry out tracking evaluation on implementation status of National food safety standards, meantime should appoint the technical-institution to be in charge for collection & gathering of different opinions on it and timely fill the relevant recommendations in a form and submit it to the opinion-collection-platform-(http://bz.cfsa.net.cn/db/yjfk)opened on website of National food safety risk assessment center (hereinafter referred to as Food assessment center ). The local government of all the regions should bring the standard tracking evaluation & other work into annual work plan and assessment of Food safety, keeping it as effective measures in comprehensive understanding about implementation of food safety standards & perfection of  food safety standard system. Provincial Health and family planning administrative departments should also strengthen the instruction & training of standard tracking evaluation, continually intensify the training work of standard personnel & teacher resource, and constantly enhance the standard working ability and service level.

                The local government of all the regions should actively jointly work together with the relevant regulatory authorities to collect & gather the problems & amendment opinions founded out in performance of Food safety standard by relevant departments in local regions & food production and operation enterprises & inspection and testing organizations & food Industry associations (society) etc, and could also require the relevant units to make feedback directly on opinion collection platform of website managed by food assessment center .

                If there is each problem discovered in carrying out of Food safety standards by related working units such as food production and operation enterprises & food Industry associations & inspection and testing organizations, the problems should be timely reported to relative departments or make feedback directly on opinion collection platform.

                The second, to be guided by issues, strengthen organizational leadership and complete the task of tracking & evaluation for key standards.

                 National Health and Family Planning Commission working together with related departments to organize & formulate the working plan of tracking & evaluation for annual national standard about key food safety. Food assessment center proposes the tracking evaluation catalogue & evaluation points for annual national standards (catalogue & key points of 2015~2016 annual tracking & evaluation herein attached). All regions should implement specific tracking & evaluation of key standard according to catalogue & key points of 2015~2016 annual tracking & evaluation, and meantime add standard of regional key tracking & evaluation according to actual situation of each different region. Each provincial Health and family planning department should collect opinions & suggestions of all parties to key standard and timely submit relevant reports to Food assessment center, by several forms such as deep-going of grassroots research & organization of training course (forum) & development of advertising campaign etc for standards.

                Before the end of 2015, each provincial Health and Family Planning Commission should authorize provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention in organization training of inspection measures & standards for Food production enterprises and Third party food safety related inspection agency in different regions & systems, collect opinions about inspection measures & related standards, and timely submit the collected feedback of opinions & suggestions directly to Food assessment center .

                The third, to smooth the channels, benefit by mutual discussion, and unceasingly improve the scientific & practical aspects of National food safety standards .

                Food assessment center should be in charge for specific technical work of tracking & evaluation about National food safety standards.  Food assessment center should widely collect the issues & suggestions raised in tracking & evaluation of standards from all parties, by smoothing the channels and adoption of different measures.. It also has to organize specialists of related Specialized Committee of National Standards Review Committee & relevant industry association & Technical institutions to timely make analysis and evaluation, and report the related suggestion of standard amendment raised against analysis and evaluation results directly to National Health and Family Planning Commission. 

                At the right moments, National Health and Family Planning Commission would organize and develop supervision & inspection to situation of tracking & evaluation for regional Food safety standards . All regional National Health and Family Planning Commission should timely well making self-inspection summary after the finished tracking & evaluation. The tracking & evaluation to national standards of food safety could be carried out against reference to procedure of tracking & evaluation to national standards.