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            Industry News

            The profits of the national food industry is positive growth in the year 2015

            發布時間:2015-06-12 作者: 來源: 瀏覽量:


              The national industrial food enterprises above designated size accumulative total profit rose 9.06% from a year earlier in 2015. It achieved the growth of 4.33% of total profit in December.

              Profit from each industry, other food manufacturing, condiment fermentation products, baked food manufacturing, dairy manufacturing, convenience food manufacturing, candy chocolate  and candied fruit manufacturing and so on, they achieved total profit growth account for food industry total profit is 32.86%、14.79%、13.27%、13.19%、12.4% and 8.3%.

               Speed of development from each industry, condiment fermentation product benefit growth rapidly, its total profit growth was up to 20.1%; Candy and chocolate preserves made negative profit.